Tuesday, 8 October 2013

5 Stone Oval Diamond Anniversary Ring

5 Stone Oval Diamond Ring

This beautiful 5 Stone anniversary ring was designed and handmade to celebrate 10 years of marriage. The client specifically wanted the ring to have a total carat weight of at least 2.5cts. Matching two oval diamonds for a diamond ring is actually not that easy, but to match 5 takes a lot of patience and a lot of time. You cannot match diamonds by their certificates alone, you have to see them side by side and compare them.

It did take a couple of weeks to put the final selection together, but the end result was stunning.

This design was based on the Boodles 5 Stone Oval Anniversary Ring

Bench Made entirely By hand in solid Platinum, featuring 2.5cts of Oval Diamonds
The difficulty when matching oval cut diamonds is not only to match the colour and cut (sparkle) and overall shape, but each fancy cut diamond will have whats called a "bowtie" across the middle, a dark shaded area that resembles a bowtie strangely enough. Some diamonds have far more obvious bowties than others (you can read more about this phenomenon here). You'd be amazed at how different a random selection of ovals would look side by side if you chose them all based on the certificate alone!

This ring was entirely handmade in solid 950 Platinum and featured 5 matching Oval diamonds that weighed a total of 2.65cts. We handpick every diamond according to your requirements and/or budget and can make this ring in either 9ct or 18ct gold as well as palladium and platinum so we can cater for various different budgets. If you're interested in having a similar ring handmade to celebrate an anniversary, see our website www.danielprince.co.uk or call us on +44(0)207 831 4258.

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